Staining of your teeth occurs on a daily basis, and the rate of staining largely depends on your lifestyle and diet. Common reasons for teeth turning yellow includes drinking dark-coloured beverages such as coffee and tea, smoking, and not brushing your teeth well. Acidic food and carbonated drinks will erode the surface of your teeth, hence increasing the rate of staining too.

Good news is, all these extrinsic stains are usually reversible through whitening treatment! There are 2 main methods of whitening:

  • Chair side/ In-office whitening

Once off treatment for busy individuals who want instant results within 1-2 hours. The use of light activated bleaching gel speeds up the process. However, you may experience some sensitivity during and after the process. But don’t worry, it will usually subside in a few days’ time.

  • Take home kit   

An impression of your teeth will be taken to make a set of custom-fit whitening tray for you on your first visit. Once the whitening tray is ready, your dentist will issue you the tray together with tubes of whitening gel.  You will be taught how to apply the gel on the tray and how long to wear it for, depending on the concentration of the gel. The results for this method is gradual over a few weeks, depending on the condition of your stains. This method is less sensitive as compared to the chair side whitening.


You may experience some side effects of teeth whitening, such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. However, they can be controlled with desensitizing agent and will eventually reduce over time. Whitening outcomes varies with different individuals.

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