Teeth Whitening Singapore

If those stains on your teeth are making you self-conscious or resulting in a lack of confidence, consider teeth whitening!

How does teeth whitening works?

Some of the most common reasons for teeth turning yellow include drinking dark-coloured beverages such as coffee and tea, smoking, and not brushing your teeth well. Acidic food and carbonated drinks will erode your teeth’ surface, hence increasing the rate of extrinsic staining. 

The good news is, all these extrinsic stains are usually reversible and can be easily removed through teeth whitening treatment!

On the other hand, intrinsic stains affect the inner layer of your teeth and may not be that easily removed. Some common causes may be due to overexposed to fluoride at a young age resulting in fluorosis or even medication such as tetracycline.

Nonetheless, regardless of which type of staining you have, there will always be a suitable treatment for it – which is why teeth whitening by a dental professional is essential!

teeth whitening
Phillip Zoom Whitening and take home kit whitening

Types of teeth whitening

There are mainly two different types of teeth whitening services that Ocean Dental offers, each catering to different groups of patients depending on how immediate they wish to see the results. 

In-office whitening refers to the whitening treatment carried out by dentists in the dental clinic.

At Ocean Dental, we use the Philips Zoom whitening system, which provides immediate results of up to 8 shades whiter in an hour time thanks to the light-activated technology.

The immediate effect is one significant advantage, especially for busy individuals who are looking for fast results. However, this option is usually more costly and maybe a little more sensitive to your teeth than the take-home whitening kit.

For the take-home whitening kits, an impression of your teeth will be taken to make a set of custom-fit whitening tray for you on your first visit.

Once the whitening tray is ready, your dentist will issue you the tray together with whitening gel tubes, and you can undergo the treatment at the comfort of your home.

At Ocean Dental, we are using the Opalescence whitening gel for take-home kit. You will be taught how to apply the gel on the tray and how long to wear it for, depending on the gel’s concentration.

The results for this treatment are gradual over a few weeks, depending on your stains’ condition, but it is also less harsh on your teeth.

Regardless of which option you choose, you may experience some side effects of teeth whitening, such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

However, they can be prevented with proper usage and minimized by the application of desensitizing gel on your teeth.

Regain your confidence with a wide and healthy smile!

Professional treatment by certified dentist

Digital pre and post-treatment photographs available

In-clinic or bring home kit both available

Light activated technology


You will be able to see immediate effect after the In-office teeth whitening treatment. However, it may take a week or more to see the take-home teeth whitening kit’s effect depending on the gel’s concentration.

The effect of teeth whitening is not permanent. The duration of its effects varies among different individuals; thus, it is impossible to know how long your treatment’s effects might last precisely.

Generally, the effect can last for about a year, depending mainly on your dietary and lifestyle habits. Smokers and coffee/ tea lovers can expect to see their teeth getting stained more easily. Thus, the best way to maximize the effects if to modify your lifestyle and diet too.

Teeth whitening can be safe, but it is safest under the care of your dentist. Those over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products are very nice introductions to whiter teeth. However, they may not be as effective, sometimes due to the lower concentration than the dentist’s professional products. Nonetheless, it ultimately depends on your desired outcome but always remember that the whiter doesn’t mean the better!

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