Understanding The Pain from Your Root Canal

root canal pain

Did you know that according to the American Association of Endodontics, patients who have experienced a root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had a root canal? [1] Many people often associate root canal treatments with pain and fear. Although this was the case […]

How To Make The Best Use of Medisave for Dental Services

medisave for dental services

Have you ever looked up wisdom tooth removal surgery and noticed the hefty sum attached to the treatment? With Medisave, certain dental procedures can be made more affordable for you. Medisave is a national medical savings scheme based in Singapore. According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Medisave helps Singaporeans and Permanent Residents set aside […]

Black Stains on Teeth: Causes, Remedies and Treatment

black stains on teeth

Did you know that long ago in some parts of the world, painting teeth black was considered beautiful and elegant? This was a common practice in Japan centuries ago known as ‘ohaguro’. With the ever-changing times and beauty standards, white teeth is ideal to our perception of beauty now. A bright and shiny smile is […]

10 Recommended Foods to Eat in SG After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

what to eat after wisdom teeth surgery

If you had just gotten your wisdom teeth removed (or about to), you may wonder what food can you consume during this period of time. Nutrition and post-surgery instructions play a very important part in the recovery process. Eating the right foods will aid with wound healing, minimizing facial swelling and prevent an infection at […]

Everything You Should Know (And Do) About An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Everything You Should Know About Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Did you know that humans can have up to 32 adult teeth? Amongst them lie the elusive third molars; which are commonly known as wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth grow in the back corners of your jaw and are arguably the most problematic teeth in the dentition. You may wonder why wisdom teeth are so commonly […]

Wisdom Tooth: Everything You Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Everything You Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered how wisdom teeth got their name? Unfortunately, they do not make us any smarter or wiser, but they are named so because they come in at a later stage of our lives when we are deemed more mature with wisdom. However, not everyone has wisdom teeth. For some lucky people, wisdom […]

Removing Wisdom Tooth (Total Cost Breakdown)

Removing Wisdom Tooth (Total Cost Breakdown)

Wisdom teeth, also known as 3rd molars, grow at the very back of your jaw. They are the last of your teeth to erupt in your mouth. If you are experiencing pain or soreness in the back corners of your mouth, it is highly likely that your wisdom tooth is about to make an appearance. […]

Symptoms, Treatments & Preventions for Wisdom Tooth Infections

wisdom tooth infection

Your wisdom teeth might seldom come up in your daily thought, and why would they? Not everyone has them in the first place, and unless they’re directly causing problems, you probably don’t even know they’re present. They can, however, cause many problems and since they’re so often out of mind, you might not even consider […]

11 Things You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening

Have you ever felt self-conscious about the way your teeth looks? For most people, the first thing they notice about others is their smile. A smile can truly brighten up anyone’s day and also gives you a confidence boost. Don’t worry, because you can achieve a bright and beautiful smile too! Teeth whitening is a […]