Having any dental emergency?

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We aim to respond to you as soon as we can because we know how much discomfort and anxiety any dental emergency may cause to both you and your family.

We are still open 7 days a week during this Circuit Breaker period.

Types of Dental Emergency

Pain/ Toothache

Having sharp or long lasting dull pain? Painkillers not helping? Affecting your sleep? There are many types of dental pain and each can represent different problem. 

Wisdom Tooth pain

Wisdom tooth usually starts to grow around 18 years old. Some lucky ones will be growing out straight, but in a lot of cases, the wisdom tooth may grow side way, creating lots of problem - even for the tooth infront of it!

Broken/ Fractured Tooth

Fracture tooth due to accident may not only affect aesthetic, but may also cause more serious problem if not checked and treated in time! Seek immediate dental help to avoid long term problems.

Swollen gums

Poor oral hygiene is usually the main cause of swollen gums, and it is a common problem! Seek help and solve the problem to have a better oral health.

Loose/ Shaky Tooth

Be it loose baby tooth or adult tooth, don't let it affect how you eat and speak! Never attempt to extract any tooth yourself to avoid infection. In clinics, our instruments have been sterilized. 

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