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Root Canal Treatment

In the event the pulp tissues from your tooth gets infected (usually due to decay or fracture due to trauma), root canal treatment may be required to save the teeth, which otherwise may have to be extracted. Generally, root canal treatment for front teeth is easier compared to back teeth due to the complexity of the nerves in each tooth. Thus, the cost and number of visits varies depending on which tooth is being treated.

This treatment involves the removal of the pulp tissues from the tooth using small files. The canals are then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Medication will be placed in the canal before closing up the opening with a temporary filling until the next appointment.

Once your dentist is sure that the canals are clean, they will be sealed with biocompatible material before closing up the opening with a permanent filling called the core. If the tooth is damaged severely, a post may be inserted to act as a support for the crown.  

After root canal treatment, avoid chewing or biting hard on that tooth. At times, it may recommended that a crown is placed on the tooth after root canal treatment to protect that tooth and to prevent it from fracturing.