Children Dentistry

Many people are afraid of visiting the dentist because they are not exposed to it since young. A good way to prepare your child is to start bringing them to your dentist as early as at the age of one. Starting from a young age, their curiosity will allow them to learn more about oral health care and this will subconsciously incorporate regular brushing and flossing of teeth into their daily routine.

Importance of milk teeth

Many parents are not aware of the importance of their child’s milk teeth since they will drop off eventually. However, the milk teeth in fact serves important functions such aiding in speech development at young age, development of jaw bones and facial muscles, maintaining space for the permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position. Milk teeth usually start dropping from the age of 6. This means that the permanent teeth are growing out and are pushing the milk teeth out. If the milk teeth are lost too early, the child may end up having crooked teeth.   

Handling your child

You may be worried that kids are hard to handle on the dental treatment chair, but not to worry, there are ways to manage their behaviour when in the hands of children friendly professionals. Children are afraid of things that they do not know. Thus, the dentist will explain and show them what will be taking place before actually carrying it out.

Parental support is important too. For young kids, we encourage one of the parent to be sitting on the treatment chair hugging your child throughout the treatment. This will not only make your child feel more secure and comfortable, but also prevent them from having sudden movement which may unintentionally hurt themselves.

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